Early Periodical Collections on Microfilm

Early British Periodicals

Title Descriptions

Early British Periodicals (EBP) is a collection of 169 magazines, published primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries, concerning literature, history, science, fine arts, and social science. It was produced on 902 reels of microfilm in three series: EBP I, EBP II, and EBP III. Lane Library owns EBP I (Reels 1-421) and a portion of EBP II (Reels 422-474). Most of these approximately 116 titles are listed in Lane Library's Periodical Holdings List. To retrieve them, search for (EBP).

[text from Guide] "Literary magazines are prominent and include the Gentleman's Magazine, a famous pre-1800 publication which provides a compendium of early eighteenth-century periodical literature and news, and two of the most renowned of the 19th century periodicals, the Tory Quarterly Review and the Wiggish Edinburgh Review, both of which dominated the literary life of the entire century... Non-literary magazines include Methodist Magazine, Jewish Quarterly Review, Economic Review, Tradesman, Anti-Slavery Reporter and Aborigines' Friend, Freedman, Celtic Magazine, Monthly Chronicle of North Country Lore and Legend... In addition, there are a number of rare journals, many of which imitated other more famous magazines. For example, Connoisseur and World both poked fun at social vices in imitation of The Rambler while Mirror and The Ghost printed single essays similar to those of the Spectator.

American Periodicals, 18th Century (APS I)

Title Descriptions

American Periodicals, 18th Century is the first in a three part collection created at the University of Michigan to make rare, historic magazines and journals available to libraries. The full collection, American Periodicals, 1741-1900, contains more than 1100 periodicals. Lane Library owns APS I which contains 88 periodicals on 33 reels of microfilm.

[text from Index] "APS I...provides basic souce materials for the study and understanding of 18th Century American society in all its phases... APS I traces the evolution of the American magazine from two short-lived publications of 1741 by Andrew Bradford and Benjamin Franklin through the increased magazine activity after the Revolution. Four of the era's most important and longest-lived periodicals - the Columbian Magazine and the American Museum, both of Philadelphia, the Massachussetts Magazine of Boston, and the New York Magazine, are included."

Periodicals in the Library of American Civilization

Lane Library owns the full Library of American Civilization (LAC) collection which is accessed by an Author Catalog, Title Catalog, and Subject Catalog. The approximately 60 periodicals in this Collection are listed in Lane Library's Periodical Holdings List. To retrieve them, search for (LAC)

[text from Guide] "The Library of American Civilization is a collection of materials on microfiche relating to all aspects of American life and literature from their beginnings to the outbreak of World War I. Included in the library are pamphlets, periodicals, documents, biographies and autobiographies, fictional works, poetry, collections of various kinds, materials of foreign origin relating to America, and many rare books not generaly available."


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