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Databases - Specific

American Chemical Society Journals

Science Direct From their web site, this database features:"more than a quarter of the world's scientific, medical, and technical information online."

Agricola GALILEO logo from CSA
Contains bibliographic records from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library and covers every major agricultural subject. Citations are for journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, serials, technical reports, patents, software, and other materials on soil chemistry, botanical chemistry, environmental chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and much more. Includes links to full text articles.

Web of Science from Thomson/Reuters
In addition to covering over 22,000 journals, ISI's Web of Science covers conference proceedings, patents, and scholarly web content. Virtually all scientific fields of study are included. Web of Science contains the Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index and is designed to make it easy for you to determine the authors, institutions and journals most critical to a particular question or area of study by pursuing relevant citations. It also provides full text links to articles in over 10,000 journals.

ChemEd Digital Library From Galigleo: "Also called the JCE Digital Library, includes internet resources in the area of chemistry education at the high school and college levels."

Energy Citation Databases. Includes over 400Includes over 140,000 full text documents on chemistry, physics, engineering, climatalogy, and mathematics.

Databases - General

Academic Search Complete GALILEO logo from EBSCOhost
A scholarly, multi-disciplinary database that searches a total of 10,900 publications including 4,400 peer-reviewed journals. Full text is provided for 5,300 journals.

From the Subject Area menu, select Applied Science &Technology. This will increase retrieval of full text articles. Full text coverage begins in January 1995.

Journals - access holdings by clicking titles

Subscriptions are subject to change. Additional titles of potential interest to the field are available. For complete, current journal holdings, and online access info, search the Journal Locator.

Writing Guides

Proper use of Sources from ACS.

Concise ACS Citation guide from Penn State.

Writing Guide for Science Students from Michael Alley, Penn State, et al

Web Sites

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table. Created and maintained by retired professor Stephen Lower of Simon Fraser University, this cite is designed to provide new chemists a basic understanding of concepts and structures within the field.

Discovery of Global Warming. Supported by the American Institute of Physics, Center for the History of Physics, and the National Science Foundation, this page serves as an electronic supplement to Spencer Weart's acclaimed book of the same title.

American Chemical Society


Chemistry Information on the Internet

General Chemistry Online guides, notes, quizes...for 1st semester general chemistry

MIT Open CourseWare-Chemistry

National Technical Information Service

Royal Society of Chemistry

Scitopia: 15 leading science and technology organizations band together to bring you a free, searchable database of their publications, papers, and proceedings. Per-item purchase fee necessary for full text access, or check the Journal Locator for the title, and/or then submit an Inter Library Loan request.

WebElements and the Periodic Table University of Sheffield

Selected Books in Lane library

ACS Style: effective communication of scientific information QD467 .S345 2007
Aldrich Catalog On Reserve
Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry Ref QC450.3 .E53 2000
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Ref QD 65 .H3 2004
Encyclopedia of Science & Technology Ref Q 121 .M3 2002
Facts on File Dictionary of Organic Chemistry QD246 .F33 2004
Biochemistry QD415 .C36 2006
Basic Concepts of Environmental Chemistry TD193 .B37 2005
Beginning Chemistry QD41 .G65 2005
Chemical Calculations at a Glance QD39.3.M3 Y382 2005
Chemistry: Matter & Its Changes QD33 .B82 2004
Elegant Solutions: Ten Beautiful Experiments in Chemistry QD43 .B35 2005
Forgotten Chemistry: a refresher course QD251.3 .H65 2006
Great Jobs for Chemistry Majors QD39.5 .R688 2006
Groundwater Geochemistry: A Practical Guide to Modeling... GB855 .M47 2005
Nuts & Bolts of Organic Chemistry QD253.2 .K37 2006
Organic Chemistry QD253.2 .J66 2005
Organic Chemistry Demystified QD253.2 .B56 2006
Periodic Table: its story and its significance QD467 .S345 2007
Physical Chemistry QD453.3 .S54 2005
SAT Subject Test: Chemistry LB2353.57 .A4 2005
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