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Annotated Bibliography


Bibliography: collection of citations for resources all about the same topic. For example, this is a very brief bibliography (in MLA style) for library resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A bibliography (or works cited list), is also included at the end of any researched writing to list sources used or consulted.

Citation: listing for a resource (article, book, website, interview, anything) that includes enough infomation for readers to get to the resource themselves. A citation includes author, title, date and other stuff. The content and arrangement of that "stuff" depends on which style you are using.

Citation Style: depending on the class (or academic discipline) you are writing for, you will be required to follow a specific writing and citation style that will dictate the margins, spacing, font size, and arrangement of your paper and corresponding bibliography. The three main styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago / Turabian. Be sure you are clear on which style you should be using for your annotated bibliography, because each style has slightly different requirements. See Also: OWL at Purdue.

Annotated Bibliography: a bibliography with brief descriptions of each resource. The annotation could include: summary, assessment, and reflection. Be sure you are clear on how much information should be included in your annotation; again, each academic discipline is a little different. See an example here.

Academic Discipline: a field of study. For example: political science, history, literature, psychology, etc. Disciplines may fall under the same college (i.e. College of Liberal Arts), but still maintain different citation styles. The organization of disciplines can vary from campus to campus, there are few broadly held standards regarding either where a field falls in the academic continuum or what "college" a field is included in.

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