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General Information

Information for Faculty

What types of materials may be placed on Reserve?

Any book owned by Lane Library, as well as any privately owned book, may be placed on Reserve in the Library. Additionally, photocopies of articles and chapters from books may be placed on Reserve, subject to Board of Regents copyright policies. Instructors are also welcome to place items such as class notes and syllabi, sample tests, homework solutions, etc. on Reserve.

Videos, CD-ROMs and other media items may be placed on Reserve but instructors wishing to do so should contact Sandra Murray in the Lane Library Media Services Department (912-344-3010) in order to do so.

How do I place materials on Reserve in the Library?

Materials to be placed on Reserve should be brought to the Reserve Desk. When bringing Reserve materials for processing, instructors should submit a Reserve Form, available here.

How do I place materials on Electronic Reserve (ERES)?

Photocopies of materials to be placed on ERES may be delivered to the circulation desk in person or by campus mail, along with a completed reserve form. All copies to be scanned must include a complete citation and the copyright statement from the original item.

Instructors will be asked to provide a password for student access to ERes course materials. Passwords should be unique to each course and should be changed each semester.

Board of Regents copyright policies stipulate that copyrighted materials may be placed on ERes only if the use of the material qualifies as fair use or if the instructor has written permission from the copyright holder. To make a fair use assessment, the instructor must complete a fair use checklist for each copyrighted item submitted.

In many cases, copyright issues can be avoided by using materials available to Armstrong through licensing arrangements. ERes can include links to full text articles available through GALILEO or similar resources. Please contact a reference librarian for assistance.

How long does Reserve processing take?

Processing time for items to be placed on Reserve is usually 72 hours, if all the requested information is supplied. Incomplete reserve requests will take longer to process.

Lane Library reserves the right to refuse requests to place materials on reserve if fulfillment of such requests would involve violation of copyright law.

For a printable guide to most of the information above Click Here.

For a step-by-step, printable guide to finding ASU Electronic Reserves for a specific course,Click Here.


Information for Students

How do I check out Reserve materials in the Library?

Bring picture identification to the Reserve Desk and be prepared to inform the library staff member of:

How long may I keep them?

Because of high demand, most reserve items are restricted to use in the library only, for up to two hours. In some instances, though, your professor may designate some Reserve items as "overnight check-outs," which can be taken out of the library.

How do I use Electronic Reserve (ERES)?

In order to access Electronic Reserve materials, you will need to know the password your professor has assigned to your class. Once you have the password, you simply need to go the E-Reserves web site (linked from the Lane Library home page) and follow the directions.