Computer Use Policy

  1. All public access computers in the Library and the Learning Commons are intended for the research and information needs of Armstrong State University students, faculty and staff. When computers are in heavy use, priority must be given to Armstrong affiliated individuals wishing to use the computers for their intended purpose.
  2. Lane Library adheres to the the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia Appropriate Use Policy. Using the network for commercial activity, viewing sexually explicit materials, and other disruptive or unlawful activities on the Library computers are prohibited. Patrons participating in such activities will be asked to cease immediately. Continued inappropriate activity may result in suspension of Library privileges and other action as necessary.
  3. Lane Library does not filter the public access computers to block materials that may be unsuitable for children. An adult responsible for supervising their activities must accompany children under 14 years of age in the Library. Lane Library is not responsible for monitoring computer use by children in the Library.
  4. For information on copyright issues, see the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia Policy on the Use of Copyrighted Works in Education and Research, and Lane Library's Copyright Policy