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University Archives Rules for Use

To safeguard the unique and valuable archival and manuscript material, researchers are requested to observe the following rules:

Materials brought to the reading room: Users must stow coats, books, briefcases, bags in the designated area in the Archives Reading

Registration: Each user must fill out a research application on his/her first visit, and on succeeding visits when requested.

Smoking, eating, and drinking: are not permitted in the University Archives under any circumstances.

Equipment: Portable computers, photographic, video and audio equipment may be used with permission of the Archivist. Users are responsible for the security of the equipment and materials they bring to the Reading Room.

Handling of materials: Materials must be handled with care.

  1. Use only pencils and paper provided.
  2. Keep unbound material on the surface of the table and in the folder during use.
  3. Do not mark on materials or erase existing marks.
  4. Do not use ink pens, felt-tipped pens, or similar writing instruments.
  5. Do not write notes on top of material.
  6. Do not fold, tear or cut documents.
  7. Do not make tracings or rubbings.
  8. Do not rest books or other objects on the surface of items.
  9. Do not touch the surface of loose sheets or book pages if they can be handled by their edges.
  10. Do not apply paper clips, fasteners, tape, post it notes or rubber bands.

Maintaining original order: To safeguard the integrity of the archival documents, the original order must be maintained by:

  1. Requesting only one record series/collection at a time and use no more than two boxes at a time.
  2. Using one folder from a box at a time.
  3. Maintaining the existing order of material within each folder and box. If there is any doubt as to the order please notify Reading Room staff.

Circulation: No material will circulate. Exceptions may be made for offices or persons requiring use of material they have transferred/donated to the Archives provided they have prior approval of the Archivist.

Reproduction: Material may be photocopied in accordance with the limits of the copyright act and the Archives' policies. Users should submit a Duplication Request form. Archives staff will do all photocopying.

Restricted materials: The use of certain documents may be restricted by statute or the office of origin/donor. For the protection of its holdings the Archives also reserves the right to restrict the use of materials which are not arranged or are in the process of being arranged, materials of exceptional value and fragile materials.

Publication: Permission from the Archives must be obtained before any unpublished documents can be published. In giving permission to copy, quote from, or publish the Archives does not surrender its own right to publish such material or grant permission to others to do so. The Researcher assumes full responsibility for use of material and for conformity to the laws of defamation, privacy, and copyright.

Citation: In citing materials from the University Archives, the form should be as follows: [Identification of the item and titles of the Record Group or Collection] University Archives and Special Collections, Lane Library, Armstrong State University, Savannah GA.

Acknowledgement: Preparation of this policy manual was made possible by a grant from the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board (GHRAB.) Many of the policies contained in this manual were adapted from examples compiled in GHRAB's Preferred Practices for Historical Repositories: A Resource Manual (April, 1999.)

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